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More than 1700 entries, largely taken as a random sample, have been expanded using service files held by Archives New Zealand, Wellington office, and more such entries are added on a daily basis. Examples are: 12/10 Thomas Francis Adams; 34756 Ashley Ellis Vincent; and 7/1852 Maurice James Jeal.

We are unable to conduct research for either individuals or groups or answer questions about the information contained on individuals, their units or their service.

The NZEF Database is drawn from official records created during the period 1914-18. It is is not yet complete: some unit embarkation codes have yet to be loaded and multiple individual embarkations sorted out, and there are still burial details to be added for a number of individuals. Most errors and omissions in the database occurred at the the time the original records were created. If a record is inaccurate, please complete the correction notification form.