Caution and Disclaimer


The information contained in this database has been compiled from a variety of publicly available sources. Details of personal background and military service may offend or cause disquiet to some searchers. No attempt has been made to censor this material. Those who search the database, especially when looking for details of relatives, should begin from this position: 'If you are not prepared to find out, don't ask.'


Many of the sources used in constructing this database differ in various details (spelling of names, dates etc). While every effort has been made to reconcile these variations and to correct obvious errors, some of the data conflicts and it has not been possible to resolve all differences.

The personal dossiers of individual members, now held by Archives New Zealand (Wellington) are the authoritative record of details of military service. They are digitized and made available on the Archives website: Discover World War One: NZDF Personnel File Search.