About the NZEF Project

The NZEF Project is a personal undertaking of Emeritus Professor Peter Dennis, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, The University of New South Wales, Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy. It is designed to complement the AIF Project database, and to counter the frequent, and largely justified, claim by New Zealanders that Australians habitually leave the 'NZ' out of 'ANZAC'.

Special thanks are due to Dr Stephen Clarke, Dr Damien Fenton, Peter Connor, Peter Cooke, Laura Dennis and the indispensable Kent Fitch for their invaluable help over many years.

The images on the home page are made available through the generosity of Archives New Zealand which has digitized much of its war art collection: see http://warart.archives.govt.nz.


  • Project Manager

    Peter Dennis, Emeritus Professor of History, UNSW Canberra.

  • Technical